With the lights up and empty of people the photographs allow you to engage with a varied and often surprising architecture. The exteriors landscapes are all photographed in daylight and the interiors with the lights up. Some of the interiors are fantastic in their use of ‘luxury’ materials and design, some are not, but they are all public fantasy spaces. They invite fantasies of what might take place when the lights are down but at the same time reveal the illusion that construct them. Not unlike photography and its relationship to desire.

The Library, 2003 

Girls of Glitter Gulch, 2008 

Palomino, 2006 

Sheri's Cabaret, 2006 

Sheri's Cabaret, VIP Room, 2006 

Jaguars, 2003 

Jaguars, VIP Chairs, 2003 

Treasures, 2007 

Treasures, Lobby, 2007 

Treasures, VIP Floor, 2007 

Treasures, Stairs, 2007 

Penthouse, 2008 

Penthouse Lobby, 2008 

Penthouse, Stage, 2008 

Olympic Garden, 2004 

Olympic Garden, Ladies Room, 2004 

Minxx, 2006 

Minxx, VIP Room, 2006 

Minxx, Bachelor Party Room, 2006 

Crazy Horse Too, 2006 

Sapphire, 2004 

Talk of the Town, 2006 

Cheetahs, 2003 

Satin Saddle, 2006