A series of strip club exteriors and interiors (2003-8), which reveal how the signifiers of erotic performance structure the landscape of the road, where distance from the centre allows for the growth of the sex industry. The images are part of a series, published as a book of the same name, featuring both strip club interiors and exteriors which is influenced by, and references, the photographic work of Ed Ruscha. The work documents specifics of urban geography as structured by the legal constraints imposed by the sex industry. The design of both the exteriors and interiors of these spaces are also shown to reinforce cultural myths and stereotypes, which inform sexual fantasy. Physically experiencing these spaces can be very complex and is shown to involve a series of decisions - real or imagined ‘stepping stones’ through which culturally and historically determined markers of gender division are negotiated.

The Library, 2003 

Girls of Glitter Gulch, 2008 

Palomino, 2006 

Sheri's Cabaret, 2006 

Sheri's Cabaret, VIP Room, 2006 

Jaguars, 2003 

Jaguars, VIP Chairs, 2003 

Treasures, 2007 

Treasures, Lobby, 2007 

Treasures, VIP Floor, 2007 

Treasures, Stairs, 2007 

Penthouse, 2008 

Penthouse Lobby, 2008 

Penthouse, Stage, 2008 

Olympic Garden, 2004 

Olympic Garden, Ladies Room, 2004 

Minxx, 2006 

Minxx, VIP Room, 2006 

Minxx, Bachelor Party Room, 2006 

Crazy Horse Too, 2006 

Sapphire, 2004 

Talk of the Town, 2006 

Cheetahs, 2003 

Satin Saddle, 2006